Lanterne Rogue

This is the new home for my blog, Lanterne Rouge, which I’ve been running on Tumblr for a while and have revived to an extent lately. As you may notice, the name has had to change slightly – now with added pun! That’s because some bugger who’s deleted their account has taken “lanternerouge” out of WordPress circulation.

I’m knocking out a quick post at work more to keep momentum up, and to encourage myself to learn what WordPress can do, than to include content (not a single gag so far, you’ll have noticed, though that may be a plus). It can take proper comments, for a start, and I believe it tracks visits etc., which for an egocentric stathead like me is the ant’s pants. So please bookmark me, and PLEASE COMMENT! The more comments I get, the more interesting this will be. That’s a promise.

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