Waterloo slow food market

With our socialising plans cancelled for today after a bout of sickness in Hersham, B and I managed to pry ourselves out of bed and onto South West Trains (not, I think you’ll agree, a fair exchange) to head to Waterloo for the Slow Food Market being held outside the Royal Festival Hall.

Slow food is such a wonderful concept, the richness and depth of taste and character in the food itself accompanied cosily by a notion of unhurried, unheralded, old-fashioned cookery with none of the fakery or short-cuts of industry. I’m not quite foodie enough to have much experience of the reality, though I’ve done plenty of salivating as friends have discussed it at length (usually about offal, for some reason), so I was intrigued to see what kind of thing would be available for tasting and purchase.

There were 30 or so stalls, and the one thing we agreed after we’d done a lap was that there was no tat, no Big Vittles street teams disgusing themselves as little guys, and very little repetition. From memory, there were stalls selling: organic veg, cheese, honey, Portugese specialities, whisky, olive oil, mulled and regular wine, hog roast, polish sausage, Azerbaijani snacks (sad I didn’t try these, especailly as the stall was manned by half a dozen increasingly merry middle-aged men who might have given off a different vibe had you encountered them in a dark alley), vegan chutneys, six-week hung steak, baklava, bread, beer, oysters, freshly grilled hand-caught scallops, soap, and burgers from venison to halloumi.

Of the above, I had some delicious raclette and a bite or two of B’s hog, a glass of mulled wine and a sample of sausage, and took home a wonderfully fat polish kabanos (?) to enjoy on Xmas day as a result. The market is open until Tuesday 22nd, it’s free, friendly and easy to get to.

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