A materialistic post

An aside – doesn’t Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes look like everything bad about everything ever? He was a pompous, humour-free cocknocker when I saw him being interviewed recently, too. Maybe another post about people who are cocks is required. (annoyingly, those of you who follow the linky up there will notice it’s currrently sitting at 70% at Rotten Tomatoes. I was hoping it’d barely scrape into the teens, but for full transparency I suppose I’d better not delete the link)

Xmas was good to me this year. Everyone who was kind enough to get me a gift nailed it. Without wanting to go through everything I received, a couple of standouts are:

The Airstream 10 from Monitor Audio:

This is a fantastic radio-based device which incorporates DAB, FM and internet radio with inputs for mp3 players and wireless access to shared music on your computer. I’ve only tried it for half an hour or so – Radio Swiss Jazz is currently tuned in – but it works wonderfully. It could, perhaps, be a little louder, but then I’m not young any more, and I haven”t yet managed to sort out the wireless sharing doohicky yet, though I am positive that’s because I’m too dumb to figure out how.

It’s sleek, solid, beautiful and fills a gaping hole in my multimedia experience. And it was entirely my dad’s idea. Chapeau.

Another classy, gorgeous and much-needed gift is the Storm Radiotron watch from B, but I can’t find a decent picture of it. Hmm, why don’t I take one?

It’s so chunky and weighty I just want to eat it – it reminds me of those tuppenny chews we ate as kids, so much bigger than their penny brethren. It’s stylish and subtle and classy and I love it.

Not a lot else to report about Xmas, or at least nothing that won’t be utterly similar to the experiences of everyone else reading this blog. It’s been great, though, and hopefully new year in Wales will be the perfect ending to the winter holiday. Assuming we get there, of course – a foot of snow is forecast for just the part we’re going to. Luckily, some friends are lending us snow chains! I never thought I’d write that sentence in the UK.

Post script – I wrote the draft of the above yesterday, and this morning I am still listening to Radio Swiss Jazz – I see no reason to change it, it’s fantastic, varied, gorgeous, and doesn’t have any DJs, Swiss or otherwise. Currently it’s a mellow, syncopated guitar rendering of “Greenesleeves”. Nice.

  1. That Airstream is a seriously sexy bit of kit! Would be a waste for me I fear as all I *really* need is something that can pickup my massive shared MP3 library and pipe it through my existing hi-fi which has a nice set of speakers and an earth shaking sub 😀

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