Janvier Gras

This is roughly the 18th January in a row where I’ve really needed to lose weight. A couple of years ago I miraculously managed to keep it below 13 stone (I forget how. Misery perhaps?) but otherwise, it’s been a lifespan-shortening, chin-gaining orgy of overeating and Jeffrey Bernard-ing, without fail, every time the word “festive” can be attached to the calendar.

There are, however, a couple of differences this year:

  1. it is my sincere and humble desire to cycle to work every day when it’s not snowing. This feeds into my resolution to ride 5,000 miles this year – a good winter and no bone-breaking accidents are a pre-requisite for this, and I managed 0 for 2 on these last year – and my commitment to train for some as-yet-undecided cycling extravaganza with Matt and Harry which will hopefully trump 2008’s ride to Paris and 2009’s 24-hour relay race. I’m quite impressed that this morning, with the temperature nudging -3 degrees C, I still managed to cheerfully leap on the fixie and cycle a good few hundred yards before being hit by the soul-destroying reality of two weeks of exercise strictly confined to the jaw area. Still, I made it to work where, as I type, I am experiencing what I understand they call “hunger” for the first time in living memory. It’s funny!
  2. I also am blessed with a girlfriend who is even more dedicated to the cause than I am, having proven in November that she can cut back on calories and banish booze to an almost worrying degree. This time, she’s intending to leap (collapse weakly?) onto the ascetic bandwagon for a full TWELVE WEEKS, with our impending trip to Australia the starting pistol for massive, sustained gastronomic debauchery. So, at least when I’m in her presence, this attitude is likely to rub off on me. Though twelve weeks seems mental, tbh.

As I’m anal and weird about stuff, and need some kind of competitivity (albeit with myself) to keep motivated, I’ve made a spreadsheet to keep a track of my weight over the next couple of months, and another to track my alcohol consumption (I was toying with one for calories but that seems a step too far, and requires a lot more research and number-crunching). The drink chart I actually started at the end of November, to keep an eye on how the subsequent party month would pan out. Now that the figures are in, I really think it’s best I keep them to just myself and the executor of my estate.

So – day 1 of the new healthy me is here! I wonder how long I’ll have to wait before the gyms empty out again? Three weeks max, I reckon. Then I can join. Maybe.

(p.s. please use the comment link below to let me know what your plans are for the new year/new you…)

  1. Similar to last year in that it involves riding my bike more, except this year I WILL be completing that I promised myself back in the 2009 News Year Resolution thread on Bikeradar 🙂

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