Baby it’s cold outside

I’m loving this winter. Maybe not loving it quite as much as yesterday, after coming off my bike on the way home (a very low-key and undangerous accident caused by me going too close to the kerb on a bend where the roadside slush stretched further out into the lane, whereby my front wheel gave way and deposited me on my hip, sliding on the slush to a rather bemused halt), but a Proper Winter is ticking all sorts of boxes.

The bike-riding, for one – although today I took the bus and tube in to work (ugh District Line ugh) because yesterday’s slush is today’s way-more-nasty ice, I’ve been surfing on a wave of smugness with all my riding in sub-zero temperatures. I’ve got all the necessary gear (though on freezing days I have been known to wear my motorbike gloves) and once you get going, it’s absolutely fine. Though a hot bath before departure works a treat. In fact, hot baths are another big plus, along with hot chocolate, mulled wine, large carb-loaded meals and other items of exquisite cosiness.

I also love the snow, though that goes without saying. I [b]really[/b] love snow, though, more than most of you bandwagon-jumpers; I love looking at it and I love playing in it, which made our Welsh adventure even more fantastic. And I’m loving it right now, even though the pavements are skating rinks and I can’t cycle and transport has gone completely bonkers.

I don’t really mind “typical” British weather, not like a lot of people do, but I am energised when it does something Interesting, and cold falls into that category. I like the definiteness of it, the way it needs to be prepared for and rallied against, because that makes the snuggly warmth of my flat, or a thick duvet, or an open fire, that much more justified. Though it’s a sad but true reality that only generous amounts of central heating enable me to enjoy it, as i really hate being cold at home or at work. But hey. I don’t even mind the dark, as it adds to that special feeling, and also makes me appreciate the daylight all the more – especially winter sun, which is a special and rare treat.

And to prove my commitment to winter, B and I have just booked a long weekend in Helsinki in early February. Tomorrow’s maximum temperature in Helsinki is -16 degrees C. Exciting!

  1. I’m with you on the British weather. Very very hot is too sapping for me though. As for snow – I am sure it used to stick together better when I was a child.

    • colette
    • January 9th, 2010

    happy new year!

    if your fingers are cold, you need descente wombat gloves– we got some for toby’s dad, who tried them in way-below-freezing france and got the thumbs up, with no frostbitten thumb.

    obviously, you should ideally buy at alfred in kalamazoo, michigan, but if you’re looking for something more local…

    happy riding!

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