New toy

When I was browsing for Xmas presents and stocking fillers, the item below caught my eye. I was intrigued – it was just the kind of slightly-better-than-useless thing-I-never-knew-lacked that would make a perfect gift, and my lucky better half found one in her stocking. But I had bought two of the buggers! And today I remembered it was in my desk, and I got it out and gave it a try.

As you can see, it’s a cup-sized hot plate set in a plastic surround that you attach to your computer via USB. The button by the wire turns it on and off. It’s incredibly light and pleasingly unobtrusive, almost pretty in its brushed metal way. Though that’ll scratch right up.

However, the bottom line is that it doesn’t work. If I’m fair, I used a thick ceramic mug with a lipped bottom, rather than a flat bottom, so there was very little actual contact. And then I remembered – the place I bought the heater suggested I also buy a flat-bottomed, stainless steel mug to go with it! Ahhh. Figures.

Actually, the stainless steel mug was quite nice, if quite expensive, and I’m tempted to order one anyway. And one for the missus, obv.

  1. I managed to use the word “bottom” four times in one paragraph. Freudian, moi?

  2. You should have got the USB missile launcher! I have also seen USB lava lamps and ramen (American super noodles I think…..) cookers!
    I did try one of those cup warmers back when I worked for PC World and have to agree they are shite, by the time that buggers up the temperature from the meagre 5V supplied from the USB port your (formerly) hot beverage will either be cold or finished already 🙂

    • justine
    • January 12th, 2010

    omg that thing is amazing! almost as amazing as the two-slice-1-cup, tea&toastmaker gadget thingy that i want!

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