Throwing Muses deserve your love.

Throwing Muses are (or “is”, to our American readers) one of my favourite bands, and have (has) been for two decades now, my love for their songs surviving the extinction of my passion for music, which has been a Permian Event of slow certainty since the 21st century crawled out of the ocean.

Kristin Hersh, singer and songwriter and perfect twitterer, deserves the love mentioned above because not only does she embrace the new methods of online music distribution, but she’s also happy to share, and encourage the dispersion, of her demos, her unfinished musical thoughts, many of which happen to be magically beautiful.

So please visit her site and listen to this moving, intense, personal, raw music, and tell people all about it. This might just be how it should be done, commercially (you can make a donation as you see fit when you download the material) and artistically. And as a final treat, here, on Youtube, is a Muses cover of my favourite Velvet Underground song. Heaven.

  1. thanks for sending me the link to this–you’re very kind.

    listening is a talent. i have a great deal of admiration for someone who can follow a song’s ride from start to finish whether or not they know where it’s going. the musician *always* knows, but the listener has to trust, eyes open.

    pretty amazing.

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