Some notes & thoughts

I get antsy when I don’t blog for a few days, imagining the poor Bambi-eyed expressions of disappointment from my loyal readership alongside ever-falling unique visitor stats (NB the latter is way more important to me – I’d eat Bambi if I could, though the internet doesn’t come up with the goods when you google “tasty fawn recipe“), so here are a few disparate thoughts.

  • the sun actually felt warm this morning. Ironic, really, since I’m about to head to Finland where nothing outside the sauna* will feel anything other than brutally freezing while we’re there. Though actually, the forecast there looks not too bad at all – quite a lot like the cold snap we had here a few weeks ago, only without the wailing and gnashing of teeth, rending of garments etc.
  • talking of cold, Whitstable was perpetually freezing this weekend, even when the thermometer said it was mild. I upped the body temperature for a while trying to teach my brother’s girlfriend’s boy to ride a bike, despite not having the faintest clue how to do so (“so what you need to do is balance, right, and try not to fall off. No, not like that. Oops. Does it really hurt that much? Oh.”). He’s a smart, sporty kid with great hand/eye co-ordination so I’m sure he’ll pick it up pretty much by himself when he’s out of traction**
  • my biking buddy Matt and I set our first respectable 3-laps-of-Richmond-Park time this weekend – despite it being two degrees below and an anti-urbanisation protest rally leading to a snake of traffic on the (usually) lovely and fast Queen’s Road, we managed a 66.40. Our best, with Harry making up a well-oiled three-man machine, is 63.36, so a way to go, but we have a distant pipe dream of a sub sixty minute time, probably to be recorded at something like 5am for minimal interruptions. I don’t think we’ll make it, but then I’m always scared by uber-optimistic targets.
  • two tweeting friends have introduced me to a website that could have been designed for me and me only. How to be a Retronaut contains the most beautiful, evocative and slightly spooky images from the past, as well as some backwards-looking imaginings of the present day. Rare and wonderful material, and there are some fantastic artistic ideas explored too.

I’m also thinking about my first baseball-related blog post – like the series of poker essays, I’m keen to expand on my passion for baseball in an accessible and interesting way. The latter may not be possible, at least for some, but it’s something I’m deeply and immersively enthusiastic about, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of writing about it.

*honestly, I’m slightly nervous about the whole “being nude” thing in a Finnish sauna. Though I guess being hot and naked, rather than cold, will have obvious benefits.

**No 7-year-olds were harmed in the making of this anecdote. Well, I’m pretty sure he was exaggerating.

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