New stuff, old stuff

I discovered today that I can do something I had no idea I could do. I can raise one eyebrow at will.

The catch – and there was always going to be a catch – is that I can only do it when winking with the other eye. Not a lot of bloody use (though I guess it does add a certain je ne sais quoi to my winks).

As a special treat, here’s something I found, in its component parts, in a long-ignored folder on my computer. A minute spent gif-ing at Picasion and, well, it speaks for itself. Thanks to Harry for taking the original video and for managing to film this far before collapsing in hysterics.

  1. I have a friend who never used to be able to wink – she tried her best but could only blink instead. Very amusing. As for the one eyebrow raising thing, I can do it, but I think it probably a pre-requisite if you are to become a teacher.

  2. I can wink with my left eye, but not my right.

    I can raise my right eyebrow, but not my left.

    I can wiggle my ears and nose noticeably. This is actually a learned skill. One of my brothers could do this, and I focused on excercising those muscles, and eventually it happened. Toddlers absolutely love it.

    Funny – I also use je ne sais quoi from time to time – it’s not commonly used on this side of the Atlantic.

  3. I can only raise my right eyebrow……
    That gif is great BTW, should shrink and use for BR avatar 😀

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