Monday morning

This isn’t meant to be a start-of-week moaning post, so I’ll move swiftly past the fact that the heavy rain this morning persuaded me off my bike (which had two punctures Friday night, so I wasn’t feeling too positive towards it anyway) and onto South West Trains*. No, what struck me this morning was the fact that I had, a week or so ago, been perusing a batch of wonderfully maudlin 1970s photos of the old industrial north, and decided that their grim beauty made them perfect desktop wallpapers. So, I made this photo my background**:

It was only this morning, as I booted up my work computer, that I realised when one is in a more fragile spirit of mind – say, at the beginning of a working week that you’ve been idly fretting over all night – this isn’t quite the image you want to be confronted by, emotive though it is.

So I thought I should replace it, and, ideally, with a photo of my own. As an instinctive response, I wanted to go for something more golden and jolly, and handily this post also gives me the chance to show it off to people who might not have seen it before. So this is my new background – the nostalgic ambience is created by shooting through the polarised lenses of my Ray Bans:

It’s the Des Bains beach on Lido di Venezia, the island in the Venetian lagoon where my dad’s from. A happy place.

*It’s funny, even writing the words “South West Trains” feels like an implicit criticism or complaint. For the fate-tempting record, I’ve found their service over the last ten years (I live very near Barnes station) to be more or less excellent, though it helps that I don’t travel in the rush hour, I’m only 20 minutes from Waterloo and I almost always get a seat.

** These wonderful photos, by Flickr user Fray Bentos, are copyright to him and I hope he doesn’t mind me linking to/using his pics for this entry. If so I’ll of course remove them!

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