Points 1 to 6

Posting about what I did and saw on my bike commute isn’t likely to appeal to everyone (hi, cycling buddies!) but today there were enough mildly interesting observations to write a throwaway blog post about.

  1. A girl on a mountain bike with an inside-out Southampton FC plastic bag hanging from the bars.
  2. Who knew a hearse has a handy large boot area under neath where the coffin goes?
  3. The wind in Trafalgar Square was powerful enough for spray from the fountain to soak me as I rode up Charing Cross Road.
  4. A girl wearing a grey velour tracksuit and flipflops, crying.
  5. The road surface in Chinatown is like riding on ice 365 days a year, as they seem to chuck all their used cooking oil into the street.
  6. A Datatrak security van with a sticker claiming “POLICE FOLLOW THIS VAN” on the back. A grammar pedant like me can’t just let that lie – is it an imperative? A warning? A paranoid outburst?

I already tweeted the funniest thing I saw recently – that a student film at the NFTS graduation show was supported by the Sir John Terry Memorial Fund (and I didn’t even know he was knighted, let alone dead – though you can guess which one of the two I’d prefer) – but it’s worth another mention.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a good weekend, everybody!

  1. I loved this post!

    • Olivia
    • February 26th, 2010

    Fascinating fact – the large boot space under the coffin platform is often used to store another coffin if the hearse has 2 funerals to do.

    And hi! 🙂

  2. Thanks Liv! I imagined it would have a 2003 map of the Grampians, an old blanket and some windscreen washer fluid in it. Clever lot, these undertakers…

    And thanks Linds! I almost deleted this post when my banality alarm went off. Glad I didn’t 🙂

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