I’m 6 foot tall, normally proportioned, relatively slim, everything in roughly the right place. Buying clothes should be a cinch, right? Except… I am, in almost every dimension, right on the cusp between medium and large. This is frustrating in shops, as I have to take two of everything to the changing room and even then fall all too often between two stools; buying online it’s even worse, because even the brands with detailed sizing guides seem to really not want my custom*.

Today’s example – I would like to buy some fingerless mitts for summer cycling, a lovely wool jacket, and some socks to bring the price into the “free shipping” zone (very clever, this ploy. Works every time on me, and I have friends who own a dozen bidons (cycling bottles) because they always need to just up the spend by a fraction.

  • With gloves, I take exactly the 8-inch size. The options: 7-8 inches or 8-9 inches. In shoe size, I am about 42.5 – I get to pick M (37-42) or L (43-48). Brilliant.
  • I have a 39″ chest, so on first sight, the choice of 38-40 inch jacket seems perfect – except, of course, bike gear is always cut small and I know from painful experience this isn’t going to fit. 40-42? I guess I can handle a bit of looseness, but it’s kind of not the point. On the other hand, it is a really nice jacket…

* I think I should probably add that despite all the above, I buy way too much stuff, online and off, much of which doesn’t fit. I am an idiot with more money than sense.

  1. I like that jacket. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll wear it for you. Then you get to admire it every so often and I get a new jacket – everyone’s a winner 😉

  2. I do like that jacket. Also feel your pain re sizing, usually end up with ‘M’ and just suck my belly in.

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