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Time for a quick update about moi. Now that we’ve had our summer*, it’s time to sell my flat. As readers of this blog will know, I’ve been following this course for a few weeks now, choosing the hottest days of the year to empty my house of all stuff, whether rubbish or treasured belongings (the latter now being stored in my parents’ garage. Their well guarded and heavily locked garage, in case any of my friends or followers fancy a bit of larceny). One of the side effects of decluttering, it turns out, is I can’t find any bastard thing.

*not a very positive prediction, I know, but I’ll look clever if I’m right. Clever and bitter and cold.

The house is now shiny with a coating of brand new barley white paint, the odour of which is almost a memory (it would sort of feel like cheating to show potential buyers around while it reeked of recent decoration), and it’s “minimal”. Which, roughly translated, means that I’ve given up on it being a home, which feels a bit weird. The photos for the glossy estate agent brochure have been taken, the floor plan is done – which certainly adds to the minimal – read “boring” – quality.

Hmm, just noticed – I took the sitting room door off years ago to give a bit more of a sense of space, and as a result it doesn’t appear in the above. Hope this doesn’t mean I get sued.

As well as trying to sell my flat, B and I have been actively looking to buy a 3-bedroom period house with garden in a fashionable and pleasant area of West London. Yes, you read that right, that’s what we’re looking for, but we’ll be very lucky (or end up living in Southall or Feltham or something) if we can get more than one or two of those conditions for the price we can afford. Which, in itself, may be less than I hoped and expected. It seems there’s a bit of a fall in house prices at the moment, which could be a problem, but hopefully if I can sell the flat soon it might even work in our favour.

We did put in an offer for a cottage in Hammersmith, for a figure I can’t even bring myself to mention, but after a week’s anxious waiting our best price was turned down. Fair enough. Since then, we’ve rethought what our priorities are, and indeed, that’s been a feature of our househunting – an oscillation of our various priorities, from location one day to size the next to outdoor space the next. On the plus side, it gives us a lot of scope and a lot of choice, but on the downside, it’s frustratingly vague and how on earth will we know when we find the right place? (by the way, this is a non-rhetorical question – does anyone have a real answer?)

One aspect we have to consider when looking at places is that soon there’ll be three of us! Yes, in a fortnight’s time we’re going to Torquay to collect the cutest imaginable addition to the family:

The fact that I am terrified about owning – and training, and walking, and looking after, and collecting the excrement of – my first ever dog is completely overwhelemed by how cute she is. She’s called Ludo, she’s a blue whippet, she’s 6 weeks old and she’s about to change my life.

    • Mandee
    • July 14th, 2010

    That dog is adorbs! Good luck with the house selling, and hunting. We need to catch up sometime xoxox

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