On sport(s)

I discovered the other day that The Guardian refers to sport as “sports” à la americaine for some unknown reason, and it brought out the little Englander in me. Well, I made a comment on the article. People power!

I’m struggling a bit with sport(s) these days. I’ve spent 30 years being a football fan, but this season, even more than last season, and that much more than the season before, I just don’t really care about it. I’m thoroughly sick of reading about football – there’s the odd article that uses humour as its fulcrum, rather than trying to find anything interesting or edifying about the game, but that’s about it.

(NB if anyone i still reading this and doesn’t care about sport, I’d skip to the puppy posts, it doesn’t get any more interesting).

I could write a whole nother post about football journalism but I’d just get bitter and unhappy and annoy both you, the reader, and myself. Most of all I resent  the fact that I don’t really have any desire to read the sports pages any more – or at least I flick to the tiny, anonymous articles about cycling or skiing or things I do still more or less care about, even if most of the readership doesn’t.

What bothers me most, though, is that I don’t really want to watch football any more. Match of the Day used to be a massive treat, a distillation of skill and passion into a perfectly-timed 90 minutes on a Saturday night. Nowadays, I seem to use it as a soporific.  As for actual games, well. Even during the World Cup I didn’t really make an effort to watch them, despite, during previous finals, getting all excited about watching the Costa Rica vs Saudi Arabia type matches.

I also don’t like the England team, which doesn’t help (they’re all dicks, it seems, dicks who need one billion words written about them – move on, Mark, they ain’t worth it), and this year Italy were rubbish, basically, so I had no-one to root for. Or rather I found myself following Germany, of all teams – what the hell must have gone wrong there?

I support a wonderful little team who have had massive success (on a small scale) since they were formed 8 years ago, and yet I don’t go to their games any more. I don’t have anyone to go with, admittedly, but that didn’t stop me before – I made loads of friends on the terraces, a bunch of lovely and diverse people who I no longer see or speak to.  It’s all a bit of a shame.

But it’s not just football. I’ve always liked many sports (NB the plural is acceptable in this usage), to the extent that my ex-gf’s mum called me a “jock”, of which I was secretly very proud. But nowadays the number of sports I take an active interest in, to the extent that I will go out of my way to watch and read about them, is two. Cycling, as previously mentioned, is one (though I’m missing the London stage of the Tour of Britain tomorrow to go to a party, bloody fairweather fan), and it’s not like that’ll be a surprise to anyone. And baseball’s the other, which probably deserves a whole post of its own. Watch this space.

I guess I should give honourable mentions to tennis (which I do enjoy following, if not watching so much), and athletics (the reverse), and to special events like the Olympics which don’t really count because even people who don’t like sport suddenly perk up every four years. I’m also intrigued by American football for some reason – getting to actually see a game last year (Tampa Bay vs New England at Wembley) helped a lot, ditto Aussie rules (West Coast vs Port Adelaide at Subiaco), but they’re not *my* sports.

It makes me sad that, for example, cricket only interests me these days when England play Australia. They’re playing Pakistan today, which I had no idea about until I saw the news headlines – I don’t even know what form of the game, and I don’t give a monkeys. That’s bad, right? Rugby (Union, I mean – League is for people who aren’t quite right) is another that I have really enjoyed in the past (and again I lost my virginity earlier this year when I saw Wales vs South Africa in Cardiff), but apart from the Italy games in the Six Nations, I have to rely on the infectious enthusiasm of others to get my attention levels up.

Oh, I still like motor racing. Does that count? Something tells me it doesn’t, not really – it’s more of a circus than a sport. Ah well.

    • butterfly
    • September 28th, 2010

    What about the Colrado Rockies Baseball….PR misses you ! 🙂

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