Roy Castle moment

Anyone who follows me on Flickr (and if you don’t, please do, I’m brilliantly mediocre with an outstandingly average eye for a good photo) may have already seen this, but the week before last I met someone genuinely and undeniably astonishing – Sultan Kösen, the tallest man in the world and one of only 12 people ever recorded who have stood over 8 foot tall (he’s 8’2″ and reputed to be still growing, and also has the world’s biggest hands and feet).

I had been sent along to a conference which in honesty had little to do with my job, so my expectations were low. The Guinness World Records people were giving a presentation on their brand, which was all a bit slick and showy, and at the end they introduced Sultan to us. It felt uncomfortably like a freak show, but my fascination, based on a deep childhood love of the Guinness Book of Records and the unforgettable Robert Wadlow, overcame my distaste, and I took advantage of the photo opportunity. A genuinely unforgettable moment.

  1. Excellent pic, think it would be funnier if I meet him as I doubt I’d get much past his belt 😉 He’d be an excellent candidate for a custom built bike….

    • Olivia
    • October 6th, 2010

    Damn… he’s huge! He makes you look like a teeny tiny cardboard cutout!

  2. Why please is the sign behind you backwards?

    Apart from that – ACE photo!

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