In no particular order

1. It’s Movember, and it turns out I’m unintentionally cheating as I decided a couple of weeks ago to grow the ol’ face fuzz for a while. However, screw the haterz – not only will I shame the hipsters who are taking it seriously with my luxurious growth, but in a week or two I’ll manage to achieve this (photo taken last winter and one of my favourite looks, I think you’ll agree).

2. My puppy is now practically a dog, in size at least (most definitely not in behaviour). 18 inches tall at the withers and just under 10kg isn’t bad for a lady whippet, so unless she’s going to be a monster, she must be close to done. And she’s not even 6 months old yet (which won’t be a happy anniversary as it’s when she gets spayed, poor darling).

3. Christmas shopping has started in earnest, and this year I actually feel in control. It’s a good feeling – I have something akin to inspiration, I have most gift-recipients covered, and it’s likely to be my last Christmas for a while when I can be something close to generous, because…

4. I’m in the process of buying a flat. It’s only been 11 days since all was agreed in principle so we’re still probably a month away from exchange, so anything could go wrong, but it appears on the surface that things are as solid and hopeful as they can realistically be in this situation. It would be tempting fate to give too much information at this stage, but it looks like I’ll be living north of the river for the first time since I was 1 year old. I feel like such a traitor (though to be fair, west London feels less like the filthy north and more like an annexe, if you will, of leafy, comfy SW London, so I’ll go with that).

5. For my dad’s birthday, my brother and I are going to take him to learn how to shoot clay pigeons. I am slightly disgusted by my enthusiasm about holding and firing a gun. I loved guns as a kid, and I can’t pretend they don’t hold a similar fascination for me now. That’s not bad, right? Right?

6. Downton Abbey is the best thing on TV I can remember. It’s utterly addictive, beautifully, cleverly written, with a fantastic cast and a storyline which gets deeper and more immersive with every episode. This Sunday see the first series come to a conclusion (but thankfully, there’s a second one on the way) and I can’t wait. Especially now that Masterchef: The Professionals has finished too. Though there are two new nerd-TV shows starting next week that I’m excited about – Giles Coren and Sue Perkins reworking The Good Life, and the BBC2 series Ancient Worlds which will explore the various roots of civilisation. Mesopotamiawesome!

7. I broke my bike! Frame failure isn’t exactly common in steel bikes but I guess I bumped into one too many kerbs/taxis/potholes and that’s the result. I am 99% sure I’ll buy the same frame again – a Bob Jackson Vigorelli – but this time I get to choose the colour. Please feel free to make suggestions – I have no idea!



    • Olivia
    • November 4th, 2010

    Strewth! You really did break it!

    • Rachel Apps
    • November 4th, 2010

    Well done with the “Mesopotamiawesome” – I think I love you just a tiny bit more for that!

    Also, Ludo and Eric are pretty close in age, aren’t they!?

    Sending good vibes for your big purchase!

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