Cornwall part 2

I never got round to writing part 2 of our Cornish adventures, so, more to bolster my crappy memory than anything, here’s a bit more of What We Did On Our Holidays.

Being based in North Cornwall, equipped with car, worked out pretty well, although our one attempt to go a decent distance failed about halfway along as we decided making it to St Ives, taking in the views and the light, and not having to make uncharacteristic haste wasn’t going to happen. And we then failed to make it even as far as Newquay. But Padstow made up for that,a s I said in part 1, and we managed to spend a delightful and unhurried few hours in several other charming villages:

  • Boscastle, scene of a terrible flood 6 years ago (though I did slightly unworthily wonder to myself how they promoted the town before the flood), was a unique valley-in-miniature with an amazing little harbour and seals bobbing about under the imposing cliffs
  • Port Gaverne was little more than a cove and a pub, albeit a highly recommended one, and we got to have our only proper conversation with true south-westerners, only slightly spiled by the fact that they were on holiday from Somerset
  • I’d been looking forward to Bude but it was, to be honest, primarily somewhere with a supermarket – neither of us really took to it, its relative size and modernity detracting from the views and rolling cliffs and valleys. People seemed a bit surly their, too, though my driving may have had something to do with that

The other people we met, weirdly, were never locals. Even the chap who handed us the key had a midlands accent, and the woman whose tyre I replaced at the side of the road was from Shropshire, had moved to Cornwall a month earlier, was about to be made homeless and hated everyone and everything about Cornwall (she was actually lovely, just horribly disillusioned). And the ageing DJ still off his nuts on goofballs from the night before who we gave a lift to the main east-west road so he could get home to Newquay was from South Africa.

We also made it out of Cornwall for an afternoon. I took Bree to Dartmoor, which I love, though I’ve never been to the north side before. First off, we were disappointed with Castle Drogo (as you read this, say it out loud in the classic deep action-movie voiceover – this is obligatory btw) which was relatively new, almost completely invisible despite the fuss the National Trust make of the site, and didn’t allow puppies. However, Ludo was let about as loose as possible once we got to the appropriately-named Hound Tor, at one point jumping 15 feet off a rocky outcrop, rolling over and accelerating effortlessly back into a sprint, which was terrifying but kind of impressive.

The last place I wanted to mention may have been our favourite. We visited Widemouth Bay at both the start and the end of the holiday, because its awesome rock formations and wide, flat sands made it an awe-inspiring joy to clamber and gambol on.

And rather than post the best photo as a 500-pixel-wide understatement, please click here for Widemouth, and Ludo, in all their glory.

  1. Love the last photo – is that like a hidden track on a CD?

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