A little bit of politics there

I would love to be the kind of blogger who can write about SRS ISHUZ but it seems I don’t really have it in me. Mainly, I never know enough about whatever I’m talking about to feel confident in expressing an opinion – or at least not an opinion which can’t be more lazily published in short, unaccountable form on Twitter.

However, recently I have been following more socially-conscious tweeters. Invariably they have to be funny or engaging along with it – just like my real friends have to have multiple facets, I get bored embarrassingly quickly when people just talk about, say, politics or work or what product of theirs I should be buying. But these people do at least stir the political animal in me, which I continue to be gratified to realise remains strongly and fundamentally socialist, despite my champagne tendencies and middle class self-interest.

And they’re all young(er than me). I have a very basic belief that to embrace the politics of the left* is the right and proper, even the natural, way for young people to be. I’m more aware each day that cynicism and pragmatism rule the world, and that the ever-growing desire for comfort above all can translate quickly and silently into selfish nimbyism. But I’m not young.

No, I’m not young, even if vestigial elements deep inside might beg to differ. But the young MUST fight for the rights of their fellows, MUST counter the vicious apathy of their elders, which inevitably includes the holders of power – how can it be otherwise? If their idealism and straightforward, honest appreciation of right and wrong is warped by reactionary or solipsistic thinking, then we’re all fucked, not least the complacent middle-aged who reach their dotage and are befuddled or crippled by the lack of care, consideration or even the acknowldgement by the rest of society of their needs and desires.

The grown-ups (for want of a better term that deals with, say, the ages 30-60) will always be in control. But without the checks and balances of people who are easily and deeply outraged by the injustices of the world, our lives would be that much more controlled, oppressed and ground down by the innate self-interest of the human condition. I hope the fearless, rebellious iconoclasm of youth is something primal, fundamental about their beings, because if it ever disappeared then who knows what vicious circle of degradation of human rights would follow.


*I’m not comfortable with this phrase. Political parties have an important function of politicising their members, but they themselves are an amoral machine of massive self-interest and offer little more than a lazy way to claim some kind of political agenda. Perhaps I’d feel differently if the Labour party and the Liberal Democrat party hadn’t, in recent years, utterly let me down with their ideological shifts. Anyway, please insert a better word for “politics” here if you like.

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