Nostalgic interlude

Just for the hell of it, here are ten things I miss about being a kid:

  1. A full head of hair and a permanently flat stomach
  2. Not caring how I looked, which morphed into caring a bit but not having any idea what a complete buffoon my fashion choices made me look. In fact, “blissful ignorance” could make up at least half of this list.
  3. A fervent belief that anything my dad said was gospel. I’m still discovering things to this day (literally – it was about potato skins) that he told me then that turned out not to be.
  4. Being cleverer than most of my peers. I had the “brains” role in my primary school gang. No specs though.
  5. A deep and abiding passion for some of the worst TV ever made (honourable mentions to 3-2-1, Game for a Laugh, Russ Abbott’s Madhouse and any sitcom featuring Keith Barron)
  6. Not having to worry about doing in any part of my body with any sudden movement or extertion
  7. Having just the right level of knowledge and imagination to be able to invent amazing games, but not too much to make them over-complex or boring
  8. Anything made of plastic was automatically superior to anything that wasn’t. But then again I own a beloved carbon fibre bicycle so maybe not much has changed
  9. The first time I saw Big. I think it somehow coincided with the sine qua non moment of my childhood identity. Or something
  10. Ford Granadas. Saw this the other day and just had a need to take a photo:



    • Emma
    • April 14th, 2011

    No 6 is the key one here. Children do not realise how decrepit their poor parents’ bodies are and use them as human trampolines / climbing frames / ‘whizzy slides’ thus inflicting further injury.

    • Rachel P
    • April 14th, 2011

    I am intrigued by this dastardly potato skin deception perpetrated by your dad… what was it?

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