These are a few of my favourite things

I ate 5 donuts (doughnuts? The anal part of me (i.e. all of me, the same part that likes putting brackets within brackets) says yes, the actually having to think of other people part of me says “stop being such a prig”) yesterday. I’d probably eat any donuts put in front of me, in any situation, but 5 is quite a lot, especially when accompanied by two sandwiches, a brownie, a crumpet* and a half, a glass of elderflower cider, a glass of elderflower** prosecco and four cups of tea.

I was put in this staggeringly perfect situation thanks to the delightful Hannah, who is a friend of B’s from their Masterchef days and who still juggles cooking astonishing spreads of mouthwatering fare with a full time, high pressure job. Oh, and writing – the reason behind the donut orgy is that she’s compiling recipes for her 9th book, and we’ve been requested to act as guinea pigs for four of her newest recipes.

Not that the non-donut options were disappointing (her brownie was breathtakingly perfect – I can’t even think of how to describe it, other than “I’ve never had a better brownie and I never will”), but the donuts were something special. There were four on test: Rose petal, coconut, coffee, and pecan pie. The two former ones will appeal to the fluffier type – pink icing and a heart shape for the rose petal, which was the lightest in both flavour and consistency, and pink and white coconut shavings and edible glitter for the latter, which were also baked rather than fried, not that you’d know it (I asked to try an ungarnished baked doughnut and it was much more cakey than donutty, but delicious for it and probably easier to eat in significant quantity).

But my two favourites were coffee and pecan pie. The coffee ones looked disconcertingly (I felt a positive comparison to a mass-marketed sugar bomb might be against the spirit of real home baking, though it turns out everyone is friendly in the world of deep-fried dough) like Krispy Kreme donuts – Hannah has the classic “white stripe” perfected, and they were beautifully shaped and glazed – but tasted even better, delicious and not overpowering, with a lovely dreamy filling. And the pecan pie donuts (see pic), octagonal and fried golden and sugared, were the best of all – perfect dough filled with amazing vanilla custard and pecan pie topping. I ate three of them (I am disgusting), and had another for my breakfast today. Oh god, so good.

So thank you to Hannah and Sacha for looking after us, and I hope our orgasmic moans and exhortations were helpful in terms of reviews. I think, after 25 years without, it might just be time to get a deep fat fryer.

* this was no ordinary crumpet. This was a crumpet prepared by an awesome chef, and was a Welsh rarebit crumpet, which turns out to be one of the best savoury food ideas in history. Seriously, try it.

** I’ve never been too keen on elderflower but, as part of the inexorable death march to middle age, this may be changing. The cider was lovely – refreshing is so obvious an adjective as to be basically redundant but I’ll use it anyway, and prosecco with a dash of St Germain liquer took refreshment to the next level. It’s not even close to summer any more, but the drinks at least couldn’t have been more so.

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